Healing Foot Scrub

Healing Foot Scrub


For the perfect at home pedicure, or after a long day on your feet, our foot scrub is our favorite- and soon to be YOURS!

We add the healing power of arnica to reduce pain, and comfrey to fight inflammation to our foot scrub. Baking soda and tea tree deodorize, Mediterranean sea salt, comfrey and ultra epsom salts soothe aches, cucumber and peppermint cool and awaken tired skin. Tahitian black sand and pumice exfoliate, and finally, to this we add the most wonderful skin softening oils: argan, borage, evening primrose, calendula, apricot kernel, avocado, vitamin E to leave your feet feeling pampered and silky smooth.

Our scrubs are created on the dry side, so they don't leave anything but your skin slippery Of course always use caution in the tub.
Run a HOT foot bath. Scrub your feet starting at the toes- do each little toe, and work your way up to your knees. Rinse and let your feet soak in the salts until water cools.

Pat dry gently with a towel. Exhale.

Comes in an 8 oz. wide mouth amber jar.

All natural, with nothing you can't pronounce. Be sure to take a peek at our all natural Himalayan Pink Salt Scrubs for all over softness.

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