Reset Your Energy & Balance Your Life: A Restorative Workshop

Reset Your Energy & Balance Your Life: A Restorative Workshop


Learn how to restore your body’s balance of energy and experience a state of serenity, peace and love in times of stress, anxiety, deadlines, creative blocks, fractured relationships and despair. Handouts will be given to take home review and practice. “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” ~unknown

When: Thursday, Nov 15th 6:30-8:00 pm

Where: Southampton Soap Company, 30 Jagger Lane, Southampton

Workshop fee: $40

Space is limited, please register early

What Will This Workshop Cover?

What energy consciousness is as it pertains to our physical bodies, and why it is vital to health and happiness.

Where your chakras are located in the body.

What is the deeper meaning and functionality of each chakra from an energetic and biological perspective.

How you can support your energy balance to improve your health, clarity and well-being.

Group exercises working with meditation breath-work, chakras and grounding into presence, clarity and power.

Reconnection with the deeper parts of who you really are and your souls longings.

What can Energy Healing do for you?

Feel more energy, creativity and connection with yourself again and others.

Restore your body to health and balance.

Increasing the resonance and balance of your vibrational energy to feel better, think more clearly and be able to enjoy your life.

Release the areas within your energy consciousness that feel stuck and frozen to move forward in your life - be it a career change, manifesting more abundance in your life, improving current or bringing in a new relationship, addressing health issues, fitness or weight loss goals.

Sharon Bakes, is a Certified Brennan Energy Healing Practitioner, who lives in Sag Harbor with her two children. She changed careers after 25 years to be home with her children and recognizes the many challenges working women and mothers contend with. It is her sincere desire to support women in the community by offering a workshop about one’s energy system, how to balance one’s energy, charge one’s energy, work with one’s chakras and connect to oneself and loved ones in a deeper way. Learn more at

Sharon Bakes, Education and Credentials

• Brennan Healing Science (BHS) Graduate in Energy Medicine

• Masters in Public Health, Wagner School NYU

• B.S in Nutrition, University of Delaware

• Certified Wellness & Nutrition Coach

• EFT/Tapping Techniques

• Meditation/Breath-work Coach

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