Our Fundraisers for Good, Clean, Living

With an eye toward raising awareness about the importance of skincare, even at the youngest ages, Southampton Soap Co. has created a school fundraising program to help young people receive some of the funding they need for the philanthropic and educational projects they feel are worthwhile.

Our fundraising program is available to schools and 501c-3 non-profit organizations nationwide.  We also reserve the right to host a fundraiser for a cause that we deem worthy.

Typically school fundraisers consist of things like edibles, paper goods, raffles, etc.,  and while these are all great opportunities, our program gives people who are participating in donating to the cause something practical and useful while it promotes wellness.   Working with a small business also has its advantages.   

Our program donates a generous portion of sales to the school and everyone feels good about it. We are thrilled to support this nation's community of young people and for them to both learn about and share the importance of natural bath, body and skincare with their friends and family while getting what they need to make their goals a reality. 

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