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A look into the humble beginnings of the bubbly world of Southampton Soap Company circa 2009.




Come to your senses.

Our own sensitive skin needs led us to making soap over 20 years ago and we have been perfecting our craft ever since.  It’s part science, part art, part sensual, part ritual. Our soaps are made in kettle batches and then poured and cut by hand.  We use a vegetable base, essential oils to scent them and natural colorants in all of our products. We use our own honey, water from the ocean, and send little treasures from the sea with every order.   We believe that our products provide an accessible means to break away from the pressures of modern living.  A simple means to find a moment of respite to rejuvenate the body, refresh the mind, and, renew the spirit. Bathing is a sensual ritual that is primal in nature. Using our products turns an everyday shower or bath into a nourishing event. Our soap is food for the skin. We dream of opening a Southampton Soap shop in town and sharing the gift of clean with people everywhere. (We did it!!!)

The pride we take in our work comes through in every nourishing product.  If you have any skin concerns, rest assured these are gentle and safe for all.  Our soaps were developed for our own sensitive skin issues over fifteen years ago and our products have helped thousands of people feel better about their skin.   Our skin is the body's largest organ, susceptible to toxins in the environment, in beauty and skincare formulas, as well as cleaning products and laundry detergents.  The effects of these can be harmful to our bodies over time.   By using natural products you clean your world as well as your skin.  Try our products for bath, body and home.  You will see and feel the natural difference.  

We are not just selling soap, we are providing an experience.  We create a sense of bliss in the bath, a getaway from modern life.  It’s art in a bar.  It’s intuitive, it’s primal, it’s addictive.   People want to feel good.  Our backgrounds as artists and our love for natural living allow us to combine the craft of the kettle, the science of aromatherapy and an eye for beauty into the pure homegrown luxury of our soaps and skin care products.    Everything is inspired by the idyllic setting of our seaside town, capturing those moments of respite when we are away at the beach.  We believe our products provide those intimate moments. Our products awaken the senses, cleanse the body and lift the spirits.  Cheers to clean living.

Our packaging is minimal, paper, inks and containers are recycled and recyclable.    We are moving toward zero plastic- most of our products are now packaged in glass.

99% of our products are vegan.    Plant based, all natural with no parabens, pthalates or any of those other unpronounceables. We NEVER test on animals, however our Shampoo Bar for Dogs was lovingly tested on our black lab (RIP Luna).

Southampton Soap Co. is  Pure Homegrown Luxury.

Scent is Mood. Scent is Memory. Scent is Magic. Come to your senses.

Proud member of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild.