“I just wanted to tell you that I love the soap for dogs. My dog has a really bad skin condition and I’ve tried all different types of shampoos- some even prescribed- and nothing helped until I used your soap. The lather is rich and creamy and it leaves his fur and skin thoroughly moisturized. It smells great too. I don’t have to use a lot to get a nice lather going. Thanks~ ”  Donna of  Brewster, N.Y.

“I live in a very hot, humid climate, and I’m picky about my soaps. I’m especially pleased with Southampton Soaps because they not only smell great, but they rinse completely clean. I feel slimy all day long. The last thing I want is to feel slimy right out of the shower!”  ~Adam, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the oatmeal-almond soap. I have VERY sensitive skin and have tried everything out there. I found this soap and have been using it for about 3 weeks and now thru the past 2 storms with no power or heat. My face is not red, not broken out, does not itch!!!! Thank you Southampton Soap Co.!   - Carol, Quogue, N.Y.

LOVE IT. My Shepard looks awesome and his coat is as soft as ever. Thank you so much.  (Shampoo Bar for Dogs)  -Donna K., Southampton, N.Y.

I love the Brown Windsor because it’s manly but not overly so and it’s also not soap femme because fancy soaps are femme but this one is a nice guy soap but not crazy or whatever.  -Sean, Brooklyn, N.Y.

I recently gave a bar of the calendula soap to my mother, who has extremely sensitive skin that can easily become rashy and eczematic. Most soaps exacerbate her skin problems, but she has informed me, on multiple occasions and unprompted, that this is the best soap she has ever tried, and leaves her skin feeling clean and fresh but never dry or irritated. I myself have oilier skin that is prone to breaking out, but the Spiced Bay Rum soap has solved that problem too. Plus, it smells so great! –Brian B., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I have several bars of this soap and I just love the way they feel on my skin. The bars lather up so richly and smell so divine. I keep several bars on hand so I won’t run out and be sad. You should try a bar or two, you won’t regret it. ~Gail, Brooksville, FL.

I am a total soap lover…I have tried them all high and low…the orange clove is the most incredible soap I have ever used. This one bar has lasted longer than any other and the fragrance is consistent throughout. I will not buy soap anywhere else, I’ve finally found the gold at the end of the rainbow. Thank you for these wonderful soaps.  ~Mary Lou, New York

Love these soaps; love the scents, the lather, they are long lasting! I’ll be back for more!  ~Christine, Brewster, N.Y.

Best soap ever – beats everything in stores. They smell great & feel fantastic.  ~Eileen, New York City

Beautiful soaps and packaged like an art form. Pleasant and professional correspondence.  Many thanks.
Highly recommend Southampton Soap Company for anyone. ~Martha, NYC

Always LOVE your packages!!! Your soap smells delightful and smells the entire room……WE LOVE YOUR SOAP! Thank you!  ~Amber, Glo on the Go, San Jose, CA

I have always had problem skin. The kind of problem skin that causes depression in dermatologists. I am familiar with the sigh followed by the word “Accutane.” I am familiar with Accutane. I had given up on my skin–after all, it’s hardly the end of the world to have cystic acne even in middle age when one is otherwise awesome– but upon trying Southampton Soaps’ Peppermint, something changed. I use other Southampton soaps on the rest of my body. They are impossibly delightful and inebriating. But Peppermint cleared up an outbreak overnight. I might have been a fluke, but if so, it certainly seems to be a consistent, repetitive one. Keep skin otherwise hydrated when using this soap (great news for the middle-aged sufferers of acne who can finally attend to hydration) and enjoy the tingly sensation of natural peppermint and a progressively clearer complexion. I cannot recommend this soap enough.  ~Tiphaine, Portland, OR

My sister has severe eczema on her hands and has to be very careful about all soaps, dish detergents etc.that she uses.. She was delighted to use your soap with no adverse effects. She was amazed at how her skin did not react and that the soap left her hands feeling softened and soothed.  ~Lisa, Forest City, N.C.